Monday, January 18, 2010

sugar with a side of sugar

This week the baby has the ability to cough and has perfected the art of sucking. She is still about 15 inches long, but now weighs about 3 pounds (Grandma Adams, that's about the weight of a nice butternut squash haha).

We got the results back from the glucose test Thursday and found out that we did not pass the initial test, which meant I had to be on a special diet for three days and then go in for the longer, 3 hour test on the fourth day. The diet was a little bit of a challenge for me at some points, as it asked for a lot more sweets throughout the day than I was used to and a lot bigger breakfast than my usual orange juice and oatmeal. But, everything worked out okay in the end :).

Then this morning we went back in for the longer test. Travis was a trooper and came with me to keep me company, even though I was terrible company grading papers so he slept through most of it. I was glad to find out that I didn't have to drink twice as much of the sugary stuff like I had thought, it was instead just twice as sugary as it was before. So, that made it pretty thick to get down, but I just held my breath and gulped it as fast as I could. I felt pretty sick for the first hour, but as time went on I felt more and more like normal. They took blood 4 times, so each of my arms were poked twice. Luckily though, I have some pretty good veins so they didn't have to try multiple times to get a good stick. Around 12:15 they took my last sample and we were out of there as fast as possible to get some lunch! We decided to grab some chicken from the grocery store for a quick lunch before Travis had to work, and as we were waiting for a new batch to finish I suddenly felt very, very dizzy. Then I started to sweat and shake -- all within 10 seconds or so -- and I knew I had to immediately sit down or there was going to be an embarassing scene. So Travis helped me get to a table and I found a granola bar in my purse. I had never felt anything quite like that before, but as soon as I had a few bites of granola things were back to normal. I learned a very important lesson -- always, always have a granola bar in your purse and never skip breakfast and eat a late lunch!

We should know the results of today's test tomorrow, so as soon as I hear from the doctor I will let everyone know!

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