Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye 2nd trimester!

This week the baby is about the length of my arm from my fingertips to my elbow and weighs just over two pounds. Her eyes are no longer sealed shut, and she opens and closes her eyes and sleeps at regular intervals now (so I'm thinking all the 1 a.m. kicking is probably not the best sign haha). Her lungs are also now capable of breathing air, although it'll be quite a few weeks before they could do so without medical assistance.

Today marks the first day of the third trimester AND the first day of the second semester of school. I'm a little overwhelmed by the idea of both, to be honest. The next 13 (or less!) weeks are going to fly by and I keep thinking about the magnitude of what is going to be happening in our lives during the year ahead of us. Indeed, 2010 will a year to remember.

We start our child birthing classes this week on Saturday mornings. While I'm not at all excited about the idea of giving up my one sleep-in day for the next month, I am excited to go and hopefully feel at least somewhat prepared for the, how shall I say it.... task ahead.

Hopefully the needed screws to put together the crib (complication #34 in getting that dang thing put together) will come in tomorrow and I will be able to post some pics of the completed baby's room this week!

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