Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting ready for baby

After two months of headache, we finally got the crib put together! Woooo! Now it just needs a mattress and the bedding and it'll be one good lookin' room :)

This is week 28, the week of blinking. That's right, the baby now spends her days practicing blinking, along with her many other newly acquired talents. Her eyes now have color as well, so that's pretty exciting. I have green eyes like my dad, and both my mom and my brother have blue eyes. Travis's family has brown and blue eyes, so really the options are pretty much all over the place as to whose eyes she will get. I'm secretly hoping she has Travis's brown eyes, but we'll see :). She weighs around 2.5 to 3 pounds now (unbelievable, right?) and is about the length of a loaf of bread.
Tonight was our appointment to check for gestational diabetes and to talk to Barb about signs of pre-term labor. I did not enjoy the experience of the sugared down Orange Crush they have you drink for the test. I was fine up until about 45 minutes in, and then I really had to concentrate on not throwing up. We should find out within the next two days what the test results were.

I also found out I have gained about 10 pounds so far, which I think is fairly average at this point. I'm told I will gain about a pound a week from here on out, so that will sure be interesting. This week my stretching muscles have started to ache around my belly button, so I've been sitting in my tall ugly chair at school as much as I can instead of standing up when I'm teaching. That seems to help relieve some of the tension.

A friend with a two month old baby came over tonight and delivered me a couple hundred newborn diapers that she had leftover from diaper cakes and the hospital and whatnot, so it was fun to unpack them and start filling the drawers and baskets we have for diapering supplies. I, of course, have no idea how many newborn diapers we will need for sure, but I think I'm definitely going to hold back on buying some until this supply runs out! She also brought a big bag full of newborn clothes. Some of which will most likely be out of season (though in Illinois, who knows!) but we now have lots of newborn onesies to get us started as well. It's all starting to come together!

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