Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baked potato week: week of decision making (at least a few)

This week, week 17, is the week of the baked potato. This week, the baby is working on packing on the pounds. According to some of the things I've read, the baby's weight will increase 6 times over the next month. The baby's bones are also hardening this week. Pretty cool!

Let's see, what has happened this week. On Friday I went to the doctor after school to have some blood work done. Before I headed to the lab, my nurse weighed me and we chatted for a bit about my cold. I found out I have gained about 2 pounds so far, a little less. I also felt less dramatic when they heard my cough and were concerned too. Not that I was thrilled to be sick, but I was glad I wasn't making something out of nothing all week. Getting my blood drawn went well, although for some reason it hurt more this time drawing only a couple viles than it did last time, when they drew 10!

We spent the weekend in Springfield. It was so nice to see everyone, even though I was coughing and hacking much more than I was hoping I would be. It was so shocking to see how big Alex has gotten! The pictures just don't do those blue eyes justice. Saturday Adam and Molly wanted to go to Babies R Us, which worked out perfectly because we had been meaning to get their advice on a few items. We think we have now picked out our car seat, furniture set, and stroller. We also purchased our first outfit for the baby -- a Bears outfit, of course. I think completing a registry and figuring out the items we are going to need for this little one is going to be MUCH more complicated than choosing silverware designs for our wedding registry :). I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it because I keep hearing from so many how quickly the time flies by. And I can believe it -- I'm less than a month away from being halfway done with this pregnancy!

On Monday, we got in for our second sonogram and -- if all goes to plan -- we will find out the sex of the baby! People keep giving me little bits of advice to make sure the baby is moving when we get to the appointment, and I think I might just try them all just to be sure :). But if for some reason the baby isn't cooperating, then I know there's a reason we're not supposed to know yet. Regardless, I hope the baby puts on a little bit of a show because it looks like Grandma and Grandad Kershaw are going to come up to meet our little one! So, make sure you get in your votes for what you the the sex is, those of you are that are still on the fence! :)

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  1. Good luck at the ultra sound!! My baby refused to let us see if it was a boy or a girl, because baby was sitting Indian style! I'm at 17 weeks this Monday, so it looks like we're just a week apart! Crazy!