Monday, October 5, 2009

week 14 excitement

This week, the baby has grown to the size of a lemon. He or she can now squint, frown, pee, and suck his or her thumb. Very exciting stuff! Travis and I have never ceased to be amazed by the little ways the baby is turning into a little person so fast!
I am continually feeling better and better as the days pass, which I am unbelievably grateful for. I feel like the last few months of feeling up for very little has really done some damage in the staying in shape aspect of my life, so it is my goal this week to start doing some exercising to get back into the swing of things. Bring on the Wii Fit! (But I think I'll probably hold off on the hulu hooping until post-pregnancy.)
In other family news, our cat Gadget has been sick lately. Travis took her to the vet this morning and he thinks she has a bladder infection. So, a good ol' antibotic shot and hopefully she'll be as good as new. But, the whole experience has given us a nice preview of what's to come -- the art of guessing what is wrong when you have a helpless living being in your care depending on you. I know babies don't come with instruction manuals, but I sure hope that maternal instinct kicks in once the baby is here!
Now that I'm feeling better, I've started feeling motivated to do some research on baby things that we want to get. The number of cribs and car seats out there is so overwhelming! I feel like we're starting to make headway, though, and I think we'll have some things narrowed down in a little bit.
Thursday is our next doctor's appointment. Travis is sure excited because he will finally get to hear our little one's heartbeat!

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