Monday, October 12, 2009

Kit Kat bars, baby bumps, and cribs

Today marks the baby's graduation from a lemon size to a Kit Kat size (about 4 1/2 inches from crown to rump). From what I've read so far, our little one's exciting new ability this week is to detect light, despite the fact that his/her eyes are still sealed shut. His/her legs are growing longer this week and he/she has mastered moving all of the joints and limbs.

Here we officially have the first chapter of the growing baby belly. Nothing too crazy yet, but in a few weeks I know it will really start to pick up!

Even though I haven't gained a lot of weight yet, I've started slowly slipping a few maternity items into my wardrobe. My work wardrobe was starting to get a little slim pickings in clothes that wouldn't look trashy over my expanding upper region, and my mom got me these amazing dress pants that one cannot resist wearing when choosing between them and a normal pair. They are a little big, but definitely make the work day more comfy! Today mom and I went shopping and got a few more shirts that I can wear to school and church, so I feel a lot more prepared for the upcoming weeks now!

Here are some images of a couple cribs we especially liked when we were out perusing today. There are a few more from Target that we liked, but the image upload from Target isn't exactly cooperating. But, I think we have the style and color for the most part narrowed down. Travis really likes the cherry wood color, so I think we're either going to go with that or expresso, which is a very dark brown. We started looking at car seats and strollers, but the in store selection was pretty limited so I think I might do a little more looking around online tonight. In general I've started to become much less stressed about all of these things and have started to try to instead just sit back and enjoy it all. And so far, it's been working out :).

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