Friday, September 4, 2009

Because I'd like to know if my baby has knees or not...

Talking to Angie tonight I realized it had been a while since I blogged, so I thought I'd do a nice update. I've been discussing with many people how anxious I am to talk to my doctor on Thursday and settle something once and for all: which week I should be reading about in my books. Some make it seem like I am on week 10 and some make it seem like I'm on week 11. As I told Angie, "I mean, it makes a difference as to whether or not my baby has knees or not." Regardless, it's exciting to think I'm 1/4 of the way done with the pregnancy!

I'm also anxious to start telling the general public about the baby. We decided long ago that the date of the Parchert family fish fry would be the day we started dropping the news and now I can't believe that day is just a week away. I think that combined with our upcoming ultrasound will make everything a little more tangible and real. Right now, I still feel a bit like I'm taking the medical world's word for it that there really is a baby in there. I'm also still trying to think of an idea for how I want to tell my students. So far, all I have for sure is that somehow food will be involved. If there's one thing I know about high school students, they tend to be more excited about things when they get to eat because of it.

Eating is still a bit of a challenge for me -- now it's more of an all day thing instead of a evening thing. I have been eating lots and lots of fruits and grains, but there hasn't been a vegetable that has sounded appetizing in weeks. I have slowly developed a routine where I'm eating my 5 small meals instead of my usual 2 big meals and that has made falling asleep at night much easier. I told Travis a couple of days ago that I feel like I might be an expert at being pregnant right around the time I'm not pregnant anymore.

Next week is on to a new schedule since we start the normal school day on Tuesday. While I'm excited about sleeping in a little bit later, I am a little worried about my energy level in the afternoon teaching for an hour and a half longer than I am now. I am also starting play try outs next week. I tried to pick a play with as little stress as possible (13 cast members wearing one modern day outfit, a one room set that never changes, a little over an hour running time etc.) but it still looks like we'll be doing practice at night, probably around 6 or 6:30. But, I'm hoping with the right cast we can have short practices and the stress level will be nothing compared to the musical. I already informed my principal privately that this will be my last hurrah with play directing with the coming of baby Kershaw (he is one of the few people in the building who know about the baby). So, I just have to take it one day at a time and keep my eyes set on that opening night date: November 14th will be here before we know it!

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