Sunday, September 27, 2009

The End of the First Trimester

Today is officially the last day of the first trimester! I'm so excited for a number of reasons: 1. Because everything I read keeps telling me about how much more enjoyable the second trimester is and 2. (more importantly) the baby is really starting to take on exciting developments. It's a lot more interesting to read about how the baby intestines are all inside it's belly now and it's vocal cords are forming instead of a month or two ago when it was merely a blob of cells multiplying into more blobs of cells. It really is truly amazing how the whole process comes together.

We are both SO excited to go into the sonnogram on Tuesday. Because of the specific specialist we are seeing, I had to take a day off work. I wasn't jazzed about forfeiting a day's pay at the end of the year to take a sick day now, but now we are making it a baby-filled and fun day. Plus, I'm excited for the much needed break in the craziness that is school right now.

I'm hoping to start picking out some of the stuff we need for the baby this week, or least begin the researching process. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting but overwhelming task. My goal is to start working on the baby's room as soon as the play is over because I know the further along I get the less energy I'll have to do certain things. We are still kind of stuck on how we want to decorate the room, but I think once we find out if it's a boy or a girl the theme will be much easier to hammer out (and that's only in FIVE WEEKS! Time sure is flying!)

Speaking of, the gender of the baby has already been an interesting point of debate. Travis and I both have an inkling it is a girl (ya know, one of those hunches that have no facts to base it on) and I KNOW Grandma Kershaw has put in her vote, but there lots of people at work that think we will have a boy. So, we shall see :) Whichever it is, we both have the full faith that God is giving us the exact child we are meant to have. You can't get much more comfort than that.

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