Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Year...

... Christmas tree day! Every Thanksgiving weekend for my entire life, our family has cut down our Christmas tree. And now, since I have a house of my own, the tree goes up that very night :). This year we had quite the debate as to which tree to get, and we ended up with a different kind of needle that I've never had before. Once our tree was delivered by Uncle Keith - up it went and in went the movies! Unfortunately it wasn't the evening I had envisioned, since Izzy was very fussy and Eva was crabby and not listening to her parents. By the end of the night, all we got accomplished was getting the lights around the tree. Decorating was postponed until morning! But I guess that's what real memories are -- how you decide to handle the Plan B when Plan A never goes the way you anticipate it going. Plan B -- the opportunity plan.  :) We had fun hanging ornaments once we got up in the morning.

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