Monday, July 2, 2012

So Easily Persuaded...

This week Evalee has followed her peers' lead twice in doing things we've been trying to get her to do. Our neighbors have a granddaughter that lived there for the first year or so of Eva's life, moved away for a little while, and is now moved back. She's a year older than Evalee and they are both smitten with one another. Natalie loves to come to our yard to swing on our swings, and Evalee loves to run to their garage to drive their Barbie car. Sometimes, they even play together. But on Saturday, Evalee got invited over to swim in the blow up pool that they have next door. It was close to bedtime and I didn't know if she'd even get in, but we changed her into her suit to give it a try. All she needed was Natalie's sweet beckoning from the pool and in she went. She splashed, she got wet above her knees, I was impressed. She could have played there all night, but eventually it started getting dark and very close to bedtime so we got out of the pool. Evalee sobbed the whole way home. Hopefully we'll catch an opportunity to swim again soon!

Then again Sunday night we went to our first drive in movie. We had to get there early to get a good spot, so we had time to kill before it got dark. Luckily, they had train rides, swings, sand, and a few other things for kids to play with. Evalee rode the train 3-4 times (the lady running it said we were lucky it wasn't busy because normally kids only have time to ride it once) and then watched the older kids on the swings. Not wanting to be outdone, she too decided to swing like a big kid. Once she started going, she had a great time.

So now we're just waiting for a visit from cousin Alex to show her how awesome it is to pee on the potty... :)

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