Monday, July 2, 2012

Drive in Fun

We went for our first (of many, we decided last night) drive-in experience last night. The first movie was Brave and the second was The Avengers. Evalee was so excited to be there around all the other kids. She ran around like a crazy girl while we waited for it to get dark. I had never been to a drive in, so I was excited too. Once it was time to settle down for the movie, Evalee was enamored. She sat so well through the whole movie. She kept calling the main character Jessy because she was a girl with red hair that rode a horse, so I'm not sure if she thought perhaps it was a Toy Story spin off or what. She had no problems at all staying awake even through the movie started at bedtime. In fact, when it ended around 11, she was ready to run around and go  back to the swings. We moved into the car for The Avengers and us girls fell asleep after the first hour and Daddy watched the rest. My allergies were acting up so I was a little sniffly and grumpy by the end, but if we make believe I wasn't so grumbly on towards 1 a.m. it was a fantastic night. Next year we'll have to talk some more people to come up with us and bring more food (and pillows!)

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