Monday, January 2, 2012

Kershaw Christmas

The morning after Christmas, we packed up and headed down South to see Travis's side of the family. We had some doughnuts and biscuits and gravy for brunch before gathering around the family room for presents. Eva eagerly opened her first present, a set of Princess books, but then quickly lost interest in the rest of her stack. She also took an excursion from presents to try out her daddy's old tricycle. We finally convinced her to do some more opening, though, and she got some more thoughtful and fun gifts. At this point, I think her Flynn Rider doll has won the popularity contest from that Christmas. She likes to find him to dance with when there's music playing, and she usually can't walk by him without giving him a little love squeeze. After presents were opened we had a nice lazy afternoon filled with naps and movies and  a boisterous dinner at the table before heading back to Aunt Molly's to spend the night. Alex and Eva had a good time playing with Alex's toys and watching Mater (kinda) and Eva did NOT want to sleep when it was well past her bedtime. It took about 90 minutes of coaxing from yours truly in the dark, but eventually she gave in.
The next day we met up with Grandma and Papa for lunch at Chili's (a favorite of Evalee's) before heading back home. We were bummed to find out on the drive back that we left our camera AND Travis's new glasses/sunglasses at Adam and Molly's. So our adoring fans will just have to wait for those pictures.... :)

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