Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eva lately in January

It's been a while since I've updated, for a variety of reasons. 1. We left our camera in Williamsville on Christmas, so we haven't been able to take pictures for a few weeks. 2. We've been taking turns being sick. 3. Why are there no hours in the day lately?
Regardless, I feel like our little girl has really been growing and changing in 2012. She's starting to try to speak in sentences, which is pretty fun. We still don't understand her most of the time, but she's getting more and more clear. She likes to look for people and toys by calling out to them and saying, "Are you?" as she wanders looking. She's starting to really like the puzzles she has and still loves sorting her shapes in her different shape sorters. We got a few new movies over the holidays, and she's enjoyed all of them (especially Sleeping Beauty) but none can still match up against Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. She loves Beast, and has lately been saying "Beeeeeeas!!" every time he appears (which, if you're wondering, is often). She also looooves The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. The only problem with that is we only have 8 episodes of the show on Netflix, so we've had our fill of the show moreso than others. She likes to dance to the end credits of movies and that dancing usually involves her new Flynn Rider doll. She's been more brave when it comes to trying new foods, and I've renewed a pledge to myself to offer her more fresh choices at mealtime and snacktime.
She is getting more and more interested in letters, coloring, and writing. Grandma has stencils that we found at her house, and the crayon and colored pencil box is always the first place she goes when we get there. She is starting to identify some letters pretty well, but she tends to call almost all the letters she sees "e" and "i".
She's also getting more and more silly by the day. She's always trying to find a new way to make us laugh and keep us guessing, whether it's using her flashlight to look down our throats or hiding under blankets to try to scare us.

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