Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day

We woke up on Christmas morning anxious to see what Santa had left Miss Evalee on our tree. She tore right into her first package to find a baby that you can give juice and bananas to. She was thrilled and so excited to play with her. And for her, Christmas was over. It took a little persuasion and gentle words, but eventually she understood that opening a new present would not mean that the baby would disappear. She got 7 of the Disney princesses, lots of books, a couple outfits, and a few other small toys. Despite being surrounded by new toys, she requested that we watch Tangled very shortly after presents were opened and there she sat, contented with her friends amid the piles of paper and boxes.
We then had some Christmas morning breakfast of doughnuts and pancakes, the two "musts" from Travis and I's childhood Christmases. No other pancakes in the world compare to Grandma Adams Christmas morning pancakes. I was planning on making eggs, but realized we only had enough for the pancakes. It turned out for the best though, because man were we stuffed! We then had a quick leftover lunch at Grandma's before heading over the Aunt Carol's for an afternoon of games and fun. Eva fell and hit her head on an end table soon after we got there, so she wasn't really herself all afternoon. We ended up leaving shortly after supper because she was just so cranky.

So, we came home and watched The Bears play not-so-great, cleaned up all the madness, and started to pack for our next Christmas adventure.

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