Monday, March 21, 2011


Peek-a-boo has been one of Eva's favorite games since she was barely sitting upright, but lately her love for playing has reached epic proportions. Early last week, she started covering her eyes with her arm clear up to the elbow and pulling her arm up really fast with a surprised look on her face, as if she is pulling the most clever trick out there. We say PEEK! every time and she giggles so loud it echos through the house. (Of course, as soon as we try to get it on camera she stops. Not a performer, that's for sure, haha. Doesn't matter though -- that's a laugh you can't forget about!) She will vary the amount of time waits to surprise us, adding to her cleverness, and will sometimes even change up the face she hides underneath. Ever since that started, she has taken to covering her face with anything she can find: blankets, kitchen towels, the shirt I just took off of her, pillows, her Bert doll -- doesn't matter, it works for Peek-a-boo for her.

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