Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy, Busy weekend

Last weekend was a busy but great weekend. On Friday, Evalee and I did a bunch of shopping and then decided to meet Daddy at work for some dinner. She enjoyed getting lots and lots of attention in the newsroom, as usual. Then Saturday we tried to take advantage of the warm weather by cleaning out the garage. Eva enjoyed playing her in pack and play (for a while, anyway) playing with toys and watching us buzz around. Then Saturday night Travis and I went to a trivia night for the children's museum and Grandma was in Chicago, which meant Eva and Grandpa had a night together. Things started off on a funny foot because she woke up from her nap spooked by something and then we had to leave shortly after, but once she got settled the two of them had a fun night together. We had a fun night too, even though I found out I can't spell nearly as well as I thought I could (but I did know the names of the characters on Sex and the City, so I contributed.) Then on Sunday we went to church, took a quick nap, and then headed to Happy Joes to celebrate Eva's friend Ashlynn's 2nd birthday. She was so, so excited to be there, as there were lots and lots of kids around her age to play with. She was zooming all over the place and, I think, a little jealous of the speed the walkers had over her. She even ate her first piece of pizza (and only choked a little once!). Right after the cake Eva and I split to head out to Dixon for a baby shower for Aunt Angie's nephew. She was a little crabby in the car on the way there, but eventually took a short nap that made her feel better. Once we were there, she was FULL of energy once again, racing around the floor and playing with anyone shorter than 3 foot tall she could find. Jesse and Ashley got a lot of great stuff for baby Alejandro and we are very excited for Aunt Angie. If the shower made one thing clear, it's that that baby will be loved to pieces. When we got home, it was a fun night filled with lots of belly laughs, fun in the bathtub, and snuggle time with Mom and Dad. I love weekends :).She wasn't sure what to think of those candles.
So, she did what she thought best. Turned to Jesi and said, "Hot. Hot."
Eyes on the prize. Aka, that big hunk of Dora.
I know you can't tell, but these two are actually friends.
Jesse and Ashley opening their present train.
Evalee chasing Angie's little cousins.

What a ham.

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