Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Furness family wedding

A few weekends ago, we journeyed South to Mt. Sterling to see Cody and Aby Lee get married. Travis was a groomsmen, so we left Friday night as soon as I got out of school. We had to drop Grandma and Grandpa's car off at the airport because they were coming back from paradise, so it was a time crunch. We made it just in time, though, and everyth
ing worked out great. We got to talk to Casey and Lexie a lot and catch up with them over dinner in between baby duties on both of our sides of the table.Eva was all sorts of hyper when we got back to the hotel, so we decided to take her swimming hoping she would wear off her energy quickly. As soon as she hit the pool, she became a scared spidermonkey, clinging to my neck like it was her own salvation. After a few minutes, however, she warmed up to the idea and was kicking and splashing with a smile on her face. Aunt Terri brought a baby float that she really loved to be in, so she MAY be getting one for her birthday. We'll just have to see :). That night we all got a terrible night's sleep, as we usually do when we are sleeping in unfamiliar territory. But the next morning we had some breakfast and hit the pool one last time. This time she was all smiles from the start and had a great time. We'll definitely be hitting up the pool this summer!
Then it was time to eat lunch, so we headed to a local diner where we happened to meet up with Great Grandma Furness and her sister and brother in law, so we got to eat with them. I even got to order a horseshoe from a menu for the first time. When we got back to the hotel, the rest of the family started showing up and the boys had to leave for their groomsmen duties, leaving the rest of us to get ready. The wedding was in a beautiful winery and everything went very smoothly. The balcony of the place had a little seating area with a couple padded chairs and a wicker couch, so we snatched those up as ideal spots for the kids, which worked out perfectly. Then the night was spent eating, wining, dancing, and catching up with cousins. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Cody and Aby Lee's first dance
A pouting and tired little girl at the end of the night.
Evalee was really livin' it up on the dance floor with her Uncle Trevor

Sharing a "smile wit ya eyes" moment with Paxton.

Our family

Having a giggle with Aunt Molly before the wedding

Grandma and her grandkids

Playing with Alex in the hotel room before the wedding
Showing off my fancy swim cover up with Daddy

Someone come save me from this water. Seriously.

Lovin' the water

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