Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sesame Street Live

We took Evalee to see Sesame Street Live the night after our two year anniversary. Travis was able to get tickets through work for only $2 each so we thought it would be a fun experience for the three of us. It was one of the first really cold nights, so we had to juggle getting Evalee in the proper cold weather attire, parking the car, getting the diaper bag in, making sure we had the tickets, etc. but in the end, butts were in seats before the big bird entered. Watching the audience full of little ones was a bizarre experience. The sheer joy that filled the room when Elmo came out at the start of the show rivaled any teenybopper scream from any concert I have ever been to. I'll never forget looking down the aisle and seeing one little girl so excited to see him that she started running in a circle. I wouldn't say Evalee's excitement reached quite that height, but she definitely enjoyed herself. The show was full of music, dancing, bright flashing lights, and, most interestingly to our daughter, other little kids. She loved talking at the little girl behind us and spent a little while during the second half of the show trying to get the stranger in front of us to hold her. Such a social butterfly. I couldn't resist and ended up purchasing both a Sesame Street Live tee shirt and a pennant for her room, as I have both from when I went as a little girl. All in all, definitely worth the $6. :)

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