Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing with one of the gifts Santa brought her.

Travis proudly displaying his new hoodie.
Travis got both Eva and I ornaments this year.

It was a very merry Christmas for Gizmo too. And I'm sure Gadget enjoyed laying in the wrapping paper watching it all, as usual.
Figuring out the pop toy Daddy picked out for her.
Our family on Christmas Day at Aunt Carol's house.
Evalee hanging out with her grandpa at Aunt Carol's.

Playing with all the other little girls (and Grandma).
She was very excited to see baby Brady. I think she would have tried to get him in her mouth if we wouldn't have restrained her.
I wasn't here for this picture, but it looks like they just got into a massive fight.

Pretty baby girl in her Christmas dress.

Reading a fantastic book about Grover with Uncle Adam.

Sooooo excited to go for a ride on her dinosaur.

Look at me everyone!!!
A serious moment with Baby Blues.

Her favorite thing about Christmas? All the tissue paper to eat.

Our family at the Kershaw Christmas

Sharing a giggle with the world's best nephew.

The result of some sarcasm, I'm sure.

Evalee and Alex playing with Eva's new workbench toy.

Molly and Travis were at odds for a while on this day.... :)

I really like coffee.

Grandma and her grandchildren.
One of Mommy's favorite presents for Eva -- a new Huskie hoodie!!

One wiped out kid at Furness Christmas.
Evalee checking out her new pillow.

Reading her new book with Daddy.

The three youngest great-grandchildren. This really captured how they were all feeling about this picture well.

Oh how the time does fly.

That Cody IS crazy.
Sharing a giggle with her cousin.

Us sister-in-laws
Mommy and Eva
Reading a new book with Grandma
Christening her new toy with a chew or two (and showing off her gunky eye)
Feeling like a big girl at her new table.

All smiles on her new pink scooter.

Grandpa had a keyboard AND a cell phone under the tree for baby Evalee. Exciting stuff.

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