Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 Months Old

You are 8 months old today, Little Miss Evalee. You have been so busy growing up this month. You spend your days crawling around the hallway, kitchen, and living room chasing your beloved cats and pulling all of Mommy's pots and pans out of their spots, trying to squeak as many smiles out of us as you can along the way. Just this past week, you have even started pulling up on some of the furniture. You now love to stand at the bathtub in your diaper, watching the water fill up in sheer excitement and anticipation. Your speech has also become more animated and complex, as you are putting together new sounds and making faces with each dose of ramblings. You love to talk, especially when Mommy is on the phone. (Unless, of course, the person I am talking to starts talking to you. Then it's the silent treatment). In the past couple of weeks you have really been getting into the Christmas spirit by listening to your The Night Before Christmas recorded book from Grandma Adams and Uncle Eric. Every time they start to read, a huge grin spreads across your face that could melt an iceberg. You have also been totally on formula now for a couple of weeks, which is a whole new world for Mommy and Daddy. It is definitely convenient at times (like in the middle of church), but Mommy is still pretty bummed that it didn't work out for you to nurse for just a little bit longer. Oh well. That's life, I guess.
You are a funny, social, amazing little girl, Evalee, and I love watching in person you are becoming. If you would just stop pulling out my hair every time I hold you, everything would be absolutely wonderful. I love you, Ernie :)

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  1. Evalee's mom, I love your little stories about this precious little girl, what a great way to journal. (you could copy these pages and put them in a binder for future viewing, nice little keepsake). Isn't blogspot wonderful!!