Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eva's First Year of Tee Ball

Eva's first season of tee ball was definitely one to be remembered. We signed her up, despite her young age, because we wanted her to make some friends, burn some energy, and learn a skill. We did not anticipate the amount of drama she would bring with herself to each and every practice and game.

Her first practice was cold. Very cold. It was May, but it felt more like March. The girls were snotty, cold, and miserable. It wasn't a great first impression for her. Most of the practice was spent sitting on the bench and crying. The second and third practices got marginally better, but all in all she froze any time she was unsure of what she needed to do and coped with it by running and crying on the bench.There were lots of stares from other mothers, and it was a long season.

But still, for those of us watching our tiny little athlete each week, she definitely grew over the course of the season. She loved hitting the ball and running the bases. She hated standing in the field, as she felt as though no one was ever hitting the ball directly to her like she would have liked. She loved playing catch with Audrey Terry before the game and giggling with the other girls waiting for her turn at bat. She hated putting her hand in for the post-game huddle. Still, I am so glad she had the experience, and I felt a little sad at her last game since I didn't think she would ever want to play again. To my surprise though, every time we drive by the field she still points to it and talks about how much fun she had in tee ball. Maybe there's a promise of a second season after all.

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