Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Runny noses, coughs, and rashes

It seems like that's all we've been dealing with for the last couple of weeks. It all started with me getting a cold and ear infection, and then about a week later Travis got sick with cough/cold symptoms as well. Since the baby could come just about any day these days, he wanted to get his sickness taken care of so he wasn't sick around the baby and went to get an antibiotic. That was also the day my skin started to break out in an itchy, uncomfortable rash all over my belly and where ever clothing touched my skin. Then the next day, Travis broke out in a puffy, bright red rash from head to toe. Neither of us were sleeping very well and had a pretty miserable week. I went to my doctor because they wanted to check to see if it was a PUPP rash while Travis was upstairs with his doctor finding out that he is now allergic to penicillin. Needless to say, it was a flurry of doctor's visits, prescriptions, boxes of Kleenexes, and Benadryl. While I seem to be pretty much out of the woods at this point, Travis is still pretty rashy and uncomfortable. All this sickness has certainly made the last few weeks of this pregnancy memorable, indeed. But we're definitely ready to be done with all the aches and pains around here!

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