Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Fest weekend... Plan B

The annual Fall Fest came upon us Labor Day weekend, and I did my best to prepare. I bought the ride tickets in advance (because I can't resist a discount) and kept the day clear on the ol' calendar. And then the weather forecasts came out: rain, rain, rain. Hm.   Abby came to see us, who we missed greatly, Friday night and she surprised us with chicken to grill. Unfortunately, the chicken caught on fire and forced us to Plan B our night. Since it wasn't raining at the night, I suggested we seize the night and head up to the festival instead to use some ride tickets and get dinner there. Things weren't the picture-perfect images I had envisioned, as the air was so humid you couldn't breathe and my fearless toddler decided to fear the rides with an unexplainable intensity. But we made the most of it, got our dinner, had a success spin on the carrousel, and headed back home for the evening.

On Saturday Grandma and Papa Kershaw decided to come up to see us, and Aunt Molly, Uncle Adam, Alex, and Amelia decided last minute to join them.  This worked out well since the forecasts didn't lie and we had boring ol' rainy weather for almost the entire day and Fall Fest was completely shut down. The kids had a great time chasing each other around and all of us adults thoroughly enjoyed stuffing our faces with too much  Happy Joes pizza.

On Sunday the events got changed around, postponed, and cancelled enough to where it wasn't going to jive with the rest of our day to watch the parade and such. So, we decided to hang up our tickets for next year and spend more time with Uncle Eric, Grandma, and Grandpa. It turned out to be a fabulous day as well, filled with cat chasing and bad movies.

So our Labor Day weekend did not follow any of the plans set forth for it. But it was a pretty great one anyway. And who knows, maybe next year the idea of the Ferris Wheel won't make Evalee shriek in terror.

Me and my dear friend Becky, one week apart in due dates. If it's a boy, I expect him to take her to prom.

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