Monday, April 23, 2012

The first pictures of our baby

 After all the heartbeat excitement, we were so ready to get to our sonogram the next week and see our little peanut wriggling around. When the door opened for the sonogram, we saw the familiar face of a family friend, Julie.
"Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" Julie asked as we settled in.
"Either one, just as long as there is only one in there!" I laughed. It was a nervous laugh because  a small part of me was fearing twins because my back was hurting so much and my appetite had been so difficult. She got started and was silent for a solid 7 seconds.
"Well guys, there's two in there," she said matter of factly. Travis started rubbing his head and spinning in circles, not knowing what to say. I just kept repeating the same phrases:
"You're kidding, right. There's only one, right? Are you joking?"
"See here's one baby," she said, pointing to the screen. She moved  the image. "And here's a baby."
"Oh my gosh," I said, slack-jawed. Silence.
"I'm just kidding guys," she laughed. "That's the same baby."
I thought I'd kill her.
The rest of the appointment went very smoothly. We got to watch in amazement as arms waved and legs kicked. A thorough inspection between the legs revealed no indication of a boy, but as Julie said, it wasn't too late for something to show up still. We'll find out for her at 20 weeks!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Too funny about her tricking you about the twins! Congrats again!