Saturday, October 8, 2011

18 months old

When I think back to your first birthday, I am amazed by how much you have grown up in the last 6 months. You've learned how to do so many things, some of which get you in trouble, and we are so proud of you.
Right now you absolutely love to watch Disney movies and PBS TV shows. We let you watch them probably a little bit more than we should, but it's hard to resist when we enjoy watching them too :). Your favorite movie is by far Tangled (you get so excited when Max comes on!) but you also love to watch Cinderella and Aladdin. As far as TV shows go, you love Super Why still, but it sees like The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That is pulling into first place as your favorite. Whenever the song comes on for The Cat, you run up to the TV and sing "Go go go go go!" right along with them.
You've also developed a love for drawing with your crayons. I know any day now I am going to find a mural on one of my walls, but so far you've kept your doodles to paper and some of your toys. You are very careful to make sure each of your pictures has an adequate amount of each crayon in it.
You've started to play make believe, especially with your baby doll, and it cracks your daddy and I up to see you take such careful care of her. You like to put her on your changing pad, fetch a diaper, and attempt to stuff it around her. The other night, after careful getting baby all wiped and changed, you carefully carried her out to the dining room, set her upright in your seat, and disappeared into the kitchen. After some rattling around you popped back into the dining room with a box of cereal and proceeded to feed it to your baby. Such motherly instincts.
You also love to play hide and seek and get under blankets with me and tell me to "shhhh!" so Daddy doesn't know where we are.
You are starting to say your ABCs, but you only know every 8th or 9th letter. But you instantly start dancing when someone starts singing the ABCs and you like to join in whenever you can.
At your 18 month check up, you weighed 23.3 lbs and were 33 inches tall. You are in about the 40th percentile for both weight and height and are developing "beautifully" according to Dr. Moen, despite the fact that you scream the minute you see him come around the corner.
It has been such a joy to watch you slowly become the clever, hilarious, beautiful little lady that you are. I know I will be shocked 6 months from now to look back on this day and realize, once again, just how far you've come.

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