Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tear Duct Surgery

Last Friday we all got up on the bright to head into Trinity for Evalee's tear duct probe. We got taken back to her room pretty quickly after our arrival where she changed out of her pajamas and into her tiny little hospital gown. She snuggled up with Daddy on the bedchair and watched Sesame Street until it was time to go down for her procedure. I was so thankful when she gladly left with the nurse without a blink of her eye. No tears for Eva = No tears for Mommy. She came back, however, a couple minutes later because the anesthesiologist was called to the maternity ward. I laughed and told them I couldn't even begin to act like I was upset by that in any way. So, we watched some more Sesame Street and she left, again, with no tears. Whew. I worked on some things for school while Travis passed out in a chair and before we knew it our smiling little girl was back to us. She was so excited to get her apple juice and Cheerios from the nurse, and we sat and ate them while the staff waited to make sure she could keep her food down. Once we got the go ahead to leave our little wobble foot lead the way out to the lobby and to the car. Once we got home a family nap was in order.
When Daddy left for work it seemed as though Evalee felt totally normal, so I decided to take advantage of the free afternoon and I went shopping. Grandma met us at Kohls and helped me pick out a couple things and then we headed back out to the car. Just before we got to the car, Grandma said, "Hm, I think her eye is bleeding." Sure enough, by the time we got to the car she was blinking away blood from her eye. It bothered her enough that she let us wipe it away without a fight and we headed home while Grandma finished up her shopping. I took her temperature when we got home, and it was at about 100.9. After several slightly worried phone calls to the eye doctor and pediatrician, we came to the conclusion to watch her closely over the weekend and to monitor her temperature. Thankfully, her eye seems to be doing great now! I'm so relieved that it seems to have cleared up without any problems, and I'll be all the more relieved when we are done administering her eye drops!

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