Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our funny little lady

Eva has been doing some pretty funny things around the house lately. She finally figured out what her sunglasses were for last week and wore them around the house giggling madly. She now tries to put our sunglasses on, sometimes her own face and sometimes ours. It's always very helpful.
She also has taken to having long, amusing conversations with her Sesame Street guys, whom she carries around in different mix-matched pairs every day, as if she wants them all to be friends and doesn't want to discriminate or show favoritism.
She has also become very good at finding the snacks stashed around the house and likes to bring the container to us with a shy smile, which I am ashamed to admit I fall for every time.

Most excitingly, she has started to prove that she understands what we say to her. If I ask her, "Would you like to read a book? Go pick out a book for Momma to read to you." She will happily bound over to her shelf and bring one or two or three books into your waiting arms. She will also hurry to the closed bathroom door as soon as you say, "Evalee, it's time for your bath!" It seems so simple, but it's so exciting to begin communicating with her. She's growing into such a fun little person!

I think she is trying to blend in. Sorry, Gadg, there aren't any grey Muppets.

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