Monday, January 17, 2011

ch ch ch changes

This weekend I feel like Evalee has made so many great steps. I felt a little more confident to start giving Evalee more table food after talking with the doctor on Friday. Wow can that girl eat. On Saturday, we went out to lunch because we TRIED to go to the DMV (closed on Saturday for MLK Day? Come on. ). Since kids eat for free at Steak and Shake on the weekends, we figured we had nothing to lose giving it a try. She ordered macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and water and had the best time eating and playing with her kids meal stuff. On Sunday she ate a whole bunch of softened apples, too many cheerios to begin to count, an entire banana, her leftover macaroni and cheese, applesauce, a jar of sweet potatoes, a few bites of Jello.... she was like the hungry caterpillar or something. We took off her shirt and let her feed herself for dinner. I think 80% of the meal ended up in her lap and smeared into her belly, but she had a great time.
Then this morning she ate a huge serving of oatmeal with applesauce and a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. Travis was actually in the mood for breakfast food, so I made pancakes from scratch. I made us 3 pancakes and a little one for Eva, thinking she'd have to be full but would still probably want a couple bites just because we were eating. Wrong. She ate her entire pancake and bites of mine until the pancakes were gone. I'm not sure we would have ever found the cap.

Aside from that, she has also been getting so good at traveling around. She can take a few hurried steps with her push toys she got for Christmas before the wheels get away from her, and she's so darn proud of herself when she does it! She has also started taking an interest in trying to say words, although I won't make believe she's close to talking yet. She does make the "ahh" sound when she sees a picture of her Daddy and the "eeee" sound when she sees a kitty. But her concentration in facial expressions when she's babbling tell us she's letting us know something.

She has also started dancing when she hears music. Not always, but almost always if songs come on on TV she will stand up, hold onto whatever is nearby, and bounce. Her favorite song appears to be the iPad commericals' theme song. Good musical taste, her Grandpa should be proud. It's practically the Stones.

The one thing that we don't care for that seems to be happening lately is her clinginess. Lately she has been a total Mommy's girl and no one else simply makes the cut. Not even Grandpa. I know it's starting to frustrate Travis, but it isn't much better on my end either, constantly feeling guilty when I have to leave the room or hand her off. I am hoping it's been because she is cutting teeth (We are thinking both front teeth seem to be coming now!) and she will be back to her normal social self soon.

Like taking a picture with Daddy is pure torture.

Cheering on the Bears and sportin' a borrowed number from cousin Alex.

It takes sheer concentration to shovel macaroni in your mouth.

I DO have a Jello goatee.

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