Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sniffling and scooting

We have had ourselves some very eventful past couple of weeks. Evalee's love for books has grown as of late. We put her board books on a shelf that she could reach in the living room, and one of her favorite things to do at night is to pull them all off the shelf one by one, looking and the covers and tossing some aside until she picks the one she wants to roll around with and chew on.

Her love for our cats has also intensified. I'm pretty convinced that she's far more excited to see the cats when we get home than she is to see me at the end of the day. She squeals with delight whenever they are nearby, and believe it or not the cats are even warming up to her a bit. They'll occasionally let her have a couple love tugs on their coats before they run into a dark corner and brood. Gadget, in fact, was the catalyst that inspired Evalee to "crawl" across the kitchen floor Monday night so that she could catch the kitty off guard. I say "crawl" because she's not up on her hands and knees, but she's moving forward and using both her arms and legs so I think that counts as crawling in some form. She still prefers to roll to her destinations because it's faster, but if you put something tempting enough in front of her she'll show off her new skills with a smile.
She has really been scarfing down the food lately. Her favorite is by far her Mixed Fruit Oatmeals (thank you, Aunt Molly). She usually eats at least double the suggested serving after her bath before she goes to bed at night. Monday night, she ate four whole bowl-fulls! Every time I make it I think - man, this is way too much -- but then she gobbles it all down with enthusiasm. It's sure fine with me, as this week she has only woken up ONCE each night. I am so excited, hoping this trend continues. Getting up once doesn't bother me much, it's that second, third, and fourth time that get tough.

She has had a little bit of a cold this week. Her nose is a little cloggy and she has a little cough. It hasn't affected her mood too much though, just made her want to snuggle with Mommy a little more than usual (which is nice).

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  1. The picture of her half upside down in the book shelf is soooo adorable! It's a wonder she likes books. I would have never pictured that :)