Monday, October 18, 2010

Last weekend we all made the trip down to Springfield to visit the family. Aunt Molly and I had been planning a visit around this time of year for a while now, and I was happy that we managed to find some time to do it. Saturday night we spent the night with Grandma and Grandad Kershaw. Evalee was in a good mood and got lots of smiles and snuggles in with her grandparents. Then Sunday it was off to church before heading up to Williamsville for the game and some hanging out. Alex and Eva played pretty well together this time. Eva is now finally old enough to sit and play with toys, so she was a totally different baby than the last time Alex saw her. I think she definitely got him back a bit for the "love pats" he gave her a few months ago, and she looooved to chase after those pretty little curls of his! Aunt Molly and I even got some diaper-deal shoppin' in (AND got some Chiphotle. Yummy!) Uncle Adam made us some WONDERFUL pancakes for breakfast and then we decided to try to get some pictures of the munchkins. We got several where both sets of eyes are open and they aren't crying, so we considered the photo shoot a success.
It was so nice to see everyone and to catch up the news and excitement in the family :).

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