Wednesday, October 20, 2010

growing and learning

Tonight is a rare night where Evalee fell asleep at a decent time and I have the dishes done, laundry washing, and school work done. So, I decided to write a bit on the blog to catch up! Evalee has been so much fun lately. It seems like every day she is trying to master a new skill. Earlier this week she figured out how to buzz her lips, and she did it for about an hour straight one night and has done it for a least a good 10 minute period every night since. She just cracks herself up with it. She still isn't crawling, but she can really travel around rolling and pushing and she gets where she wants to be (which is usually wherever Gizmo is... she's the cat that will let her "pet" her). Tonight in the bathtub she discovered the echo sound her voice makes when she talks into the cup we use to rinse her hair, so she had a great time talking to herself until her water got cold. She has also discovered her little bookshelf in the living room where we keep her board books, so she has been enjoying rolling over there and pulling those off the shelf. In doing so tonight, she discovered a couple new ones we haven't looked at yet and that really captivated her attention for a while.

A couple weeks ago I got a song stuck in my head that I had not thought of for literally at least a decade. It was from a Christian children's song video that I used to watch allllll the time as a kid (it had sign language in it, so I loved to watch it and do the signs along with it). So, I had to look into it online and eventually found mp3's of the album online. It was a must-have purchase. Evalee and I have listened to it a few times and she grins and giggles through the whole thing. It's weird how all of the songs just came back to me like I've been singing them every day all my life. I guess what we learn as children truly does stick with us. We have also uploaded her Animal Friends Baby Einstein cd that came with her Baby Noah DVD and she likes to listen to those songs too.

She has been eating stage 2 foods now for almost two weeks, and she cannot get enough of them! Every "new" food we have tried she has absolutely loved. I can't decide if I think her favorite is mac and cheese or chicken and noodles, but she gobbles up the entire jar of either in record time. I have been browsing recipes for "stage 2" homemade recipes online, and I am hoping I get the chance to try a few out this weekend.

That tooth we have been working on since last weekend has finally broken through, though she is not interested in letting anyone get a good look at it really. As soon as we get a good picture I'll be sure to share!

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