Monday, April 5, 2010

The big red circle day

Today is that day we've been counting down to for the last nine months: April 5, the due date. We went in to see Dr. Maurus this morning and after the usuals (normal blood pressure, 18 pounds weight gain, nice strong heart beat at 150 bpm) he checked to see if we have made any progress. After the experience, I must say I'm a little more pleased he decided to wait until today to check because it was just a tad bit "uncomfortable" (I'm sure Travis would tell you my face said otherwise). He said the baby was a nice ways into the pelvis, we had started effacing a nice amount, but not much dilation yet at this point. He also stripped my membranes a bit, which is supposed to help things along. He said he is confident that labor will start naturally, which was nice to hear, and he expects that I will go this week. If I don't, I have an appointment to see him again on Friday and a non-stress test set up for Monday at labor and delivery (what every girl wants to do on her birthday, right? :) ). Ever since the appointment, I have definitely been feeling more pressure and muscle soreness. So hopefully things will start moving in the next couple days!

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