Monday, February 15, 2010

This week the baby weighs a little over 4 pounds, the weight of an average pineapple (one of my favorites!)and is about 17.5 inches long, about the length of a collarbone necklace. Her bones and skull are hardening this week, but most importantly her respiratory system is almost completely mature. This is exciting because it is the last system that needs to develop before she comes! Her pupils are now advanced enough that they constrict and dilate with light and dark.

This is us at 33 weeks -- well, 32 weeks and 6 days, getting ready to go out and celebrate Valentine's Day! Someone asked Travis to switch work with him, so he got Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to spend together! Saturday night we went to a movie (we discovered part-way through the evening that it was the first movie we went to see since Travis's birthday in July. We're already those pathetic people that don't go anywhere!) and dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Sunday we celebrated the big day by going into a spa and getting massages. It was a very relaxing and great way to spend an afternoon :). As Travis said, if they were just a hair less pricey, they would be a regular event in our lives haha. I think the baby enjoyed the massage as well, as she was wiggling like crazy in the waiting room and totally chilled as soon as the massage began.

The crib mattress from Grandma Adams finally came in this week, so we picked it up after church. One more thing to check off the list. We are still on the hunt for curtains we like for the room. I never realized how picky I apparently am when it comes to curtains, because we have yet to find anything we like. Travis keeps reminding me we have plenty of time to find some, since the baby won't be sleeping in there for a little while after we bring her home.

Other than that, we're just trucking right along and coutning down the days!

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