Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eva's Big Day Out

I let Eva plan her birthday this year, so naturally she crammed as much as possible into the day.  Travis took the week off with some of his vacation days, and I took a personal day so we could spend the entire day together. The zoo opened the day before her birthday, so we went there first to see all our old friends again. Eva was pretty sad the elephants were gone, but at least she knows we weren't lying to her last year when we told her to say goodbye to them. Izzy really enjoyed feeding the fish and looking at the giraffes, but the usual zoo thrills did not agree with her at all. She was not a fan of the carousel or the train. Maybe one day. :)

Time got away from us at the zoo, so we went to Hungry Hobo to get a quick lunch. The girls devoured some cheese fries and we all had a good time. My one requirement in Eva's plan was that we had to fit a nap into the day, so this is where our nap went.

Once naptime was over, we piled back into the car and headed to Monkey Joes. This was definitely the highlight of the day. The place was deserted and the girls had the run of the place. Izzy was a child unlike I have ever seen. She was daring and had such a great time climbing and bouncing around and going down the slides. Eva had a blast, as always, as well. We will definitely be going back there again soon.

When the time came we left Monkey Joes and headed to Happy Joes and the Jungle Bungle to meet Grandma and Papa for some birthday pizza. She opened up a few presents we saved for the day and the kids played around the equipment and the arcade. Eva didn't want her birthday ice cream, so Izzy happily stepped up to the plate.

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