Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

On Christmas Day, we woke up at a leisurely hour and opened our presents together as a family. Isabel was so excited to tear through the paper, and Eva was so good at being patient and waiting her turn. What made this Christmas so unique was that unintentionally, I had chosen gifts with minimal packaging to tear through and nothing that required batteries. Instead, we opened presents, got through the bit of packaging there, and watched their imaginations sore. They received a wooden train set, play food, doll house dolls, and lots of books. It was wonderful. We had our breakfast (I tried making crockpot French bread, MAJOR FAIL), and Travis spent most of the morning hooking up his new TV. This required moving our living room furniture and Christmas tree, so before we knew it Christmas was coming down to make way for the new year. It felt pretty wrong taking some of the decorations down Christmas afternoon, but I wasn't going to re-decorate after we moved things only to take it down again in a few more days. Once the TV was on the wall and working, we headed to Aunt Carol's for some Christmas soup and board games.

It was a wonderful Christmas season filled with so many smiles and so much excitement. We felt so blessed at the end of the day to be surrounded by so many good people in our lives.

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