Saturday, October 12, 2013

Izzy's First Birthday Party

It wasn't difficult to try and pick a theme for Isabel's first birthday party -- that girl has a serious love for pumpkins. Grandma volunteered to keep the kids late one night, so I took advantage as best I could baking up pumpkin desserts and giving our house a good thorough cleaning for Miss Izzy's party. We were thinking fall and cozy, so we made lots of soups and hot apple cider to enjoy throughout the day. There was a huge traffic jam on I74, so the party guests arrived in a staggered fashion. Aunt Carol and Uncle Keith cold only stop by for a little while, as they had a wedding to head to, but it was so great to see them for a little while. One by one, we all arrived to have fun together and watch Izzy open her presents. It was a nice enough day to spend some time on the porch still (not many of those days left!). Izzy had no hesitation when it came time to tear into her wrapping paper, and she loves all of the presents she received that day. The best reaction, however, definitely goes to her new baby doll from Aunt Carol and Uncle Keith. Her jaw dropped, she sucked in a breath, and shook her hands in excitement until Daddy finally got it loose from the box. Such happiness. :)

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