Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spaghetti Face

 Our messy little eater gave up baby food at around 9 months -- just simply refused to allow us to feed her any longer. This was particularly annoying, since she had no teeth still and there were very limited variations of foods we could give her. Slowly, though, as the days went on we became more and more brave, giving her more and more "real" food. She has been pretty pleased with our efforts. Isabel LOVES vegetables -- I have yet to find one she doesn't eat. Zucchini is her favorite, but she will eat loads of green beans, corn, butternut squash, tomatoes (a fruit, I know, but you get it), broccoli. Her favorite meal of the moment has to be spaghetti, though. She even slurps the noodles into her mouth all by herself. :)

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