Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Members Only Night at the Zoo

Although I am pretty bad at reading my e-mail sin the summertime, I happened to catch an email about a new members only event that Niabi Zoo was hosting by RSVP. So, I decided on a whim to RSVP -- we're always up for a trip to see all our animal friends.  W were expecting it to somehow be a bit of a money-maker for them, after all they are a business, but when we got there we were pleasantly surprised.

There was just the right amount of people there. It didn't feel like a ghost town, but we didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Best of all, the zoo had set up so many fun things to do that were totally free. We all got a free meal from the kitchen, got cups of oats to feed the animals at the petting zoo, and we could ride the train or the carousel as many times as we wanted. They had also rented an inflatable slide and bounce house the kids could take turns with. We were there for almost three hours, and I think we could have stayed for another hour or two and kept pretty busy! It was so much fun to just let Evalee pick where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do next -- it was a night where I didn't have to tell her "No, not this time." Every once in a while, it's quite fun to be that parent. Isabel was just content to people watch from her car seat, as long as we kept a steady supply of cereal for her to eat in her tray. It was a night full of smiles, laughs, train snuggles, perfect weather, and good memories. You can't ask for much more than that.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our zoo membership again this summer -- taking trips often with Grandma and a few times just as a family. Eva knows the zoo so well she can navigate completely on her own and recite to you the exact order of the animals if prompted. Still, it never seems to get boring. This year we are sad to see the zoo prepare for the departure of the elephants -- Eva's favorite -- but we know it's what is best for Babe and Sophie. Every time we make sure to come say goodbye to them one last time just in case we don't make it back to see them before they are gone!

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