Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is Here!

The month of May is a little crazy in our house (hence my lack of posts), but we get something pretty awesome at the end: summer vacation!
This year, I am determined to make the most out of our time together. I've made a Summer Adventure Calendar that has something fun and special we are going to do every day -- some are small, like look for cloud shapes, and others are big, like a trip to the zoo. But we will have fun and make memories every day.

And now an update on the girls -- Izzy is growing up so quickly! She loves to sit on the floor and chew on her toys. She especially loves all our Disney figurines, her sister's princess castle, and the Little People barn we have. Luckily, Evalee is very good about sharing all her toys (except her Toy Story guys. Those are still awfully hard to hand over). She still has no teeth, and every time she has a crabby day we wonder if it's finally her teeth coming in, but every time we are mistaken. I hope she gets some soon because she wants to eat what we're having so badly every night. It's hard to keep her away from our plates at the dinner table! She also loves the water and taking baths with her sister. I think she's going to be much more of a water bug than Evalee has been so far. She does pretty well standing up, and I think in a few weeks she might be able to do it all on her own. It doesn't seem like she's interested in crawling, which is fine by us since we can have a little more time without that darn gate at the top of the stairs.

Evalee is growing and changing every day too. She still loves robots, and for that reason enjoys watching Star Wars just for the scenes were R2D2 and C3PO show up. She also loves Short Circuit when she goes to grandma's house. She has taken to terrorizing the cats moreso these days and likes to try to trap them on the porch with her so she can drag them around to play with her. So they are a bit more on edge. She loves going to Grandma's house (mostly for the mashed potatoes) and her dolls and stuffed animals are often make believe heading to Grandma's house or the grocery store for apples and cookies. She loves to read books, especially the ones that she  knows really well and can say some of the lines with us. She is also getting very funny -- Travis and I are always laughing over random statements she makes in the car or at the dinner table.

We are still so thankful that both girls love each other so much. It's very rare that Evalee can't make Izzy smile when she's upset at home or crying in the car. Eva is always trying to make her laugh or share things with her (again, except Buzz. Buzz is hers.) They both light up when they see each other, and that's something that makes every moment of chaos worth it.

Enjoying the warm weather

Our bird's nest and Evalee's summer love

"She has Buzz!!!"

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