Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eva lately

Evalee has been growing up so much lately. She is talking more and more, and she now loves to tell you stories and narrate her developing stories as she plays with her figurines, dolls, animals, and Barbies. I love to sit and listen to the conversations she has her toys have. She is having a little separation anxiety at the moment, and now won't go to sleep without someone laying next to her. I know this is normal for a lot of kids, but it's just frustrating when she was falling asleep all on her own for months with no problem. She has also been waking up at least once in the night to come into our room and bring Daddy back with her to lay with her. We figure it's better than her sleeping in our bed, but it's still mighty exhausting. She has also managed to slip in bed next to me twice now without waking us. It's quite the shock to wake up to feed Izzy and find a little face sleeping next to yours!

She is also becoming more of a drama queen when she doesn't get what she wants. I think around 50 times a day she crosses her arms in front of her chest and says with a sigh, " I SAD!" Learning that you don't always get your way is a tough pill to swallow.

Her memorization skills and motor skills are also getting impressive, at least to me. During the Christmas season, she listened to the grinch book every day, and after a couple of weeks she could finish just about any line of the book you started for her. She knows lots of songs and likes to sing them to herself in the back of the car when we are heading places. Just recently, she started working in a dry erase book I found. We practice finding objects on the page and counting how many there are as we draw circles around them.

I feel so lucky that I've been able to spend all these weeks at  home watching her baby sister develop, and I didn't anticipate how much I'd see my little Eva grow up too. I'm going to be so sad to give up this time at the end of the month. But then again, summer is just a short 14 weeks of school away...

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