Wednesday, March 21, 2012

and the clouds parted, so we all said, "Ahhhhhh."

In an almost metaphorical way, things have been getting much better around here lately as the sun begins to shine and brighten up the house. After about 3 tough weeks of Eva not sleeping well and me not being able to sleep the 14 or 18 hours I felt like sleeping, I've noticed each day getting easier and easier. Evalee has started sleeping like usual again, and my nausea is only present a few days a week instead of every day incessantly. So, whenever we're feeling up to it, we're enjoying our yard again. We've been running around in bare feet, kicking soccer balls, hitting the baseball off the tee, and mostly blowing bubbles. Oh how she loves to watch me blow bubbles. She's not particularly interested in learning how to do it herself, or even in enjoying the bubbles being made effortlessly from her bubble machine. No, she needs me to do it. :)

I've also been noticing some more signs of pregnancy that aren't sick-related. For instance, I had to choke back tears this afternoon at the opening of Oliver and Company. But so far, this pregnancy has been so different than the last time that I am officially putting my gender prediction in as boy!


  1. I've already said I think it's a boy too. Guess we'll find out soon. Glad you are feeling better!!!

  2. I'm hoping for you that it's a boy bc 1 of each is the best!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better Sara :-) I looked at the chinese birth calendar and it says you're having a girl! It was right for me so that's my guess...!