Sunday, February 26, 2012

A few tricky days

Last week, I was telling Travis that I was nervous because I felt so great still. With my pregnancy with Eva, we had an early sonogram that assured us that all was well and I had lots of minor symptoms right from the start that confirmed it all. This time it was week 5, we still hadn't even picked our doctor for sure yet, and I was feeling perfectly fine. Travis said I was crazy, and I knew I was.

Well here no 2 days into week 6, I can tell you the pregnancy symptoms have definitely arrived. Thursday and Friday were VERY hard to get through at work. I had to make a conscious, real effort to not slam my head down on my desk and sleep by 1 p.m. I've been trying to eat as healthily as possible, while I have been still up to it, so I've been eating lots of calcium, iron, and folic acid rich foods like spinach, cheeses, nuts, etc. But now, by this weekend, I've felt so nauseous the game has simply been to find a food that I feel like I could choke down and not feel the need to vomit. The month of March is going to be a tricky one, indeed.

Then, to make matters more tricky on top of this, we had a challenging weekend. First of all, I had to chaperone a dance that ended a full hour after the latest time I'd gone to bed all week on Saturday night. I finally turned out the lamp light around midnight. Evalee then woke up crying around 12:20. Travis came up from downstairs and tried to console her back to sleep, but after 40 minutes of trying and her crying for me, he gave up and I took over. We then came out to the chair, got some milk, and rocked. As soon as her milk was done, she was asking for her daddy, slid off my lap, and headed to the basement to find him. We then did this tango back and forth -- trying everything from sitting in the chair, laying with her in her toddler bed (which is awful), laying her between us in bed, ignoring her crying and letting her cry it out alone in her room, NOTHING worked. Travis took her to the living room to watch some T.V. at 3 a.m. and came back into our room exhausted at 4 a.m. So I took her back to the living room with more milk, and she finally fell asleep around 4:50. We slept together in the chair until 5:30 just to be sure she was out. It was incredibly rough, and I'm just so glad it happened on a weekend because I definitely would have had to have taken the day off.

So, Grandma came over after church and let us sleep in the morning while she and Evalee played. We tried and tried in the afternoon to get her to take a nap, never succeeding, and finally gave up and took her to the park to burn off this mystery energy. She took a 15 minute nap in the car, waking up as soon as we got her to her bed.

All I can say is, I desperately hope for a loooong night's sleep tonight!

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