Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In!

How do you work this thing Mom? We need to start another episode of Lost...
Lovin' on her lovie.
Amazed by the snow.

We had a crazy week filled with snow! School was cancelled on Tuesday, anticipating the blizzard that was set to come anytime between 10 and 2. It started lightly snowing around 9:30 and by the time Daddy went to work at 1 the snow was coming down pretty steadily. Eva and I had a good time playing inside and looking out the window at the snow coming down. We watched the news and cringed at the projections, knowing Daddy was out in the thick of it (quite literally) driving on the very roads they were deeming impassable on the broadcast. There were a few (or more than a few) paranoid phone calls to my mother, but we made it through the night. The realization that Travis was not going to make it home started to set in a few hours before his shift ended and was confirmed when we both agreed not being able to tell where the road ended and the ditch began was a good indication that the road was bad. I was pretty bummed, but knew that it was of course what needed to be done.

So it was a little more sad when he made it all the way to our turn the next morning, only to see that the snow was taller than his car in the road and couldn't make it the final stretch. So, Eva and I hunkered down and chased the cats and each other and made the best of it. Our unbelievably nice neighbors banded together and plowed out our driveway so Travis would be able to get into the garage when he got off work, and I was so thankful I almost cried. The snow was up to their waists out there! Oh was a relief it was to see Travis's face around 11:30 Wednesday night!

We didn't have school again on Thursday because the roads weren't all plowed yet and with the wind chill it was supposed to be -30 in the morning. So we let Daddy go to work again and spent the day looking at books and watching a little Sesame Street.

It was nice to wear pajama pants for three days straight, but it was also nice to get back to the swing of things this morning. (Sorta. I mean, it was Friday so I still got to wear jeans to work.) The days off just really made me look forward to this summer all the more, when we have 10 weeks of together time to spend!

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